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I’ve just arrived in Davos to EXPOSE the global elites

    Avi Yemini – May 20th, 2022

    After three long days of travel, @Real Rukshan and I finally arrived in Davos to EXPOSE the global elites for @Rebel News.
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    2 thoughts on “I’ve just arrived in Davos to EXPOSE the global elites”

    1. What people do not know is that the Bankers own and run the money system to do this: To give away free money to those who serve satan, the freemasons illuminati and ashkenazi.
      They get free money and get their debts paid off without paying them, it just gets put paid on paper. That is why they want everything digital. As digital they won’t get caught doing it.
      They get free money and promotion for their businesses and for their own selves, but equal to the service they perform for the devil. As an example: Elon Musk has lost popularity, which they need to facilitate the neurolink and their ownership of your bodies and minds, so his fortune is dwindling. At the same time they are giving him maximum publicity and exposure as a good guy, to make him the false anti NWO person to be useful in other ways. He may possibly be a political candidate.
      They have already set up a backup for his neurolink: Synchron founder and CEO Tom Oxley
      Six patients split between New York and Pittsburgh will receive the implant as part of Synchron’s trial. The first patient to receive one enrolled just this week at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.
      The vaxxxine removes the holy spirit from your bodies, the chip in the hand destroys your soul. The chip in the brain removes your free will, intelligence and ability to have your own original or creative thought.
      You will never be able to discern perceive or distinguish right from wrong or good from evil or lies from any truth. There will be no truth in you and you will become the children of satan, no longer the children of God.
      The 3 together (they love 3) will make you permanent slaves of the devil and lost from God forever.
      If you stay with God and reject the devil, you have NOTHING to fear.
      The people of Shanghai, the test run, have no way to refuse whatever, vaXXines, chips or digital IDs the send soldiers into their homes to insert on them.
      That is what the WHO wishes to do world wide.
      These demons feed off of fear. Fear is the ingredient in their unholy eucharist they need and depend on to keep being possessed by evil demonic entities that give them the power to do Lucifer’s will.
      When they do that: they become wealthy and get fame if they want it.
      A long time ago there was the first jew, Adam, his wife, left him because he was evil, he sought to control her. Evil seeks to control and instill fear to control everyone.
      The demonic entities of Mardak, used their DNA mixed with human DNA and created EVE.
      EVE was the first woman to torture kill and eat animals, and children, the fruit of a WOMB=the womb is the tree of life. Then Adam followed. They were the first jews. Then through their children they became the worshippers of the devil= Moloch Mammon Iniquity and developed the ancient babylonian money system. Before the money system, you were all evolving all one and loved one another and shared equally. Iniquity means treating other life the opposite of how you would want to be treated.
      Iniquity is the opposite of the golden rule.
      On Maldak, between Mars and Jupiter, they rebelled against God=the devolved into the exact opposite of God, they are the fallen angels. They destroyed all life on Maldak. It is HELL, it can’t be seen because it is no longer visible, cast out.
      Their plan is to make earth HELL, like Shanghai, like Maldak, it is all demons-all iniquity.
      In Hell there is no death, because there is no death. Here on earth there is reincarnation, but no death.
      In Hell everyone wishes there is death, but it never comes.
      HAVE NO FEAR. They want you to fear. TRUST IN GOD, he will protect us and fight the demons if we PRAY. THat is all you have to do. PRAY against the devils and the jews.
      What happened was after ww2, believing their lies you began to worship the jews= the antichrist people.
      They have no souls. They are not human, they are only part human, they are all possessed by demons from Maldak. Human beings of earth and of God, have souls and ANGELS. Guardian ANGELS, until they submit to the jews=the devils. You are stronger and more powerful.
      Do not HATE, do not try to control others do not be violent, do not copy or mimic the jews.
      Do not accept INIQUITY, the money system they won is INIQUITY.
      This earth belongs to all of you equally. Your labor and what you produce belongs to all of you to SHARE EQUALLY.
      The money system has made you slaves and the jews owners of the earth, that does not belong to them.
      GOD created the earth for his people who have souls he created and are a part of him.
      They are of the devil. Let them live in HELL if they want to, and they do. YOU ARE ALL FREE>
      get rid of the money system and be free and own what is your own, given to you by God.
      YOU ARE GIVEN FREE WILL by GOD. DO NOT ALLOW THE JEWS from HELL/MARDAK, the destroyers of life itself, the enemies of God and all that is Holy take it from you.
      Heaven is more rapturously beautiful and magnificent than I can explain to you.
      Choose GOD, LIFE, FREEDOM and when you die you will be in HEAVEN with God forever.
      The end and the final judgement is coming.
      after 2023, everything will change and all the people who do not have souls will be removed and sent back to Maldak or this will earth become a new Hell for the soulless spirits, just like Maldak and be cast
      out and vanish from the world of peace, life, and love and truth=God forever. It will exist but be invisable and a permanent prison, like maldak. If that happens then many will be saved all who have souls before it happens. HAVE NO FEAR. GOD is the most high, the devil and jews are the most LOW, and they cower before God and cannot do anything without his permission.
      God is testing you. Separateing the sheep from the goats.
      You are all being punished because you di noy know him when he came as HITLER.
      The jews who worship evil, HATE Hitler as much as they HATE JESUS CHRIST, because he was Christ.
      You have confused God with the devil and came to worship the antichrist devil, because you believed his LIES. You rejected God and gave the devil all the power to become the NWO and now the WHO.
      The WHO are really the WORLD HELL Organization.
      They want to trick you into thinking you must feat disease.
      IF YOU WERE TRULY WITH GOD, you would know, he does not make diseases.
      You have no diseases to fear. There is no disease unless you believe the devil ‘s lies that there is.

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