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Israels Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program

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2 thoughts on “Israels Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program”

  1. It is a WAR by the jews who are agents and minions of LUCIFER, against all GENTILES, beginning with the Christians, and eventually all other religions, except the religion of the jews which is SATANISM. Every war, is run by the top jews=the bankers who are the globalist World bankers now. They run the NWO, it is their baby, they have been working on from the beginning of the Moloch Mammon worship of ancient Babylon=the original money system on earth.
    You have seen the takeover step by step, with every war.
    Every War is a war against GOD and Gentiles, to give POWER and wealth to the jewish bankers and the Jews, until they take over the entire world and they have accomplished that now.
    They used the UN, China, Israel and Russia, all owned by the jews and their satanism, they call communism, to take over the world.
    Fortunately it will all end in 2023.
    God always wins.
    The devil will always lose.
    The jews born of a soulless jewish mother can never have souls.
    They live once and go straight down to Hell.
    Without souls they can never get to Heaven, and they will never have souls.
    The souls is a part of God that lives in all gentiles.
    The EGO is a part of LUCIFER, that he uses to control and corrupt and destroy those who have no souls.
    The devil will be removed in the next few months.
    The entire earth will be cleansed of all evil.
    The satanic science and technology, is destructive to all life around it.
    Nuclear energy, is beyond what Humans know it to be.
    If they continue to use it, the entire earth will be destroyed.
    That is why it must end now, before Nuclear war begins.
    God can stop nuclear war, if you pray.
    If you pray God will give you all you need to get to Heaven before the end of this world.
    The jews cannot pray to God because God is not in them, only demons.
    God is all powerful his power is infinite and limitless.
    The devil has only one power: to destroy all life around him.
    Just return to God and stop worshiping jews as if they are God.
    America and England will be totally destroyed because they are responsible for giving God’s Holy Land to his enemies the filthy nefarious satanic jews.
    Responsible for giving Satan and his minions the jews power over the entire earth.
    America will be nuked 7 times before this ends.

  2. All religions of Gentiles are a pathway to get their souls to Heaven.
    Only the jewish religion = satanism is not about that.
    There is no way beings with no souls can get to heaven.
    Their religion is the pathway to eternal HELL, satnism.
    They live their lives knowing they can only enjoy earthly things in one lifetime, then they go down to eternal Hell forever.
    That is why they HATE Gentiles.
    All gentiles no matter what their religions are a path to heaven.
    The new One world religion will be satanism, pretending to be a religion of God the creator.
    It will be the religion that enslaves all under it to Lucifer for eternity.
    The ID is all about the loss of the soul.
    The implant, required, a tattoo nano bio implant will remove the souls from all gentiles forever, no going back, it is the mark of the beast. Beasts who devolve and have no souls is what you will become with the Mark.
    Devolved into demons from Hell.
    Would you not prefer to evolve higher to become angelic beings in Heaven?
    The jews want you all to be cursed like they are.
    Misery loves company?
    The real NWO will continue to HELL and it will be forever, billions of years will pass if ever you get another opportunity to evolve again.
    That is the TRUTH.
    This world end very soon.
    Your last opportunity to save your souls from eternal damnation is Right now.
    Begin by knowing the truth of who your real enemy is: the jews
    They are the enemies of God, our souls and all that is Holy.
    Until you realize that truth, you are lost souls.
    The devil can do nothing evil on earth except through his Minions: the jews.
    Just as in the same way: God can do NOTHING good on earth, unless he has gentiles with souls willing to do his will for him.
    All gentiles must UNITE as one children of God, and stop fighting one another.
    Wars are all about getting gentiles to fight and kill one another.
    The Chaos and disorder to come when the economic crash and new plagues arrive is to make you fight and kill each other. It takes gentiles to Hell when they do that, when they mimic the jews and satan and do satan’s will on earth = wars.
    LOVE one another. Live in peace. Pray for one another and UNIFY in ONENESS.
    Fight evil with GOOD.
    Fight lies with TRUTH.
    Fight Violence with PEACE.
    Follow Jesus’ example.
    ETERNAL Heaven for all GENTILES who do that is just a few short months away: May 2023 it all ends. All the jews and elite and those who serve and obey them (the rich) will be taken down to Hell.
    The earth will be purified and Jesus will return to recreate a new PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL Heaven and earth. It is not even comprehensible to humans how magnificent it will be.
    SAVE your SOULS. Do not take the vaXXXes or the MARK from the devil jews.
    MUSK, FAUCI, GATES, KLAUS, HARARI, TRUMP, BIDEN, Almost all heads of state, are all soulless jews, or honarary jews=soulless satanic freemason, illuminati.
    They are all evil adrenochrome addicts.

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