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Israel Health Minister on Hot Mic says vaccine mandates are about Coercion and Control, not science or medicine

    Posted by EU Times on Oct 9th, 2021

    A hot mic from Israel’s Channel 12 News caught the country’s health minister admitting that vaccine mandates are about coercion and social control, not science or medicine. Israel’s Health Minister, Nitzan Horowitz, was having a candid conversation with Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, about the country’s draconian Green Pass vaccine passport system. Neither Minister knew that their conversation was being recorded and broadcasted.

    This digital surveillance system bars individuals from public life if they do not show digital proof of being triple jabbed. Using this system of coercion and social control, Israel has enslaved most of its population and segregated the rest. Israelis are “required” to update their Green Pass every six months, in compliance with new body requirements set forth by the new medical Apartheid.

    Israel Health Minister admits that vaccine mandates are about social control, contradicting his statements to the High Court

    Minister Horowitz admitted on the hot mic that the purpose of the passport system is simply to pressure citizens into vaccine acceptance. There’s nothing ethical or scientific about it. Horowitz told Shaked, “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport. It is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.”

    As the Minister of Health, Horowitz had previously gone before the High Court and declared “that the green label is a net health consideration.” Now we know full stop that Horowitz is fully aware that he is using the vaccine mandates as a tool of propaganda and social control.

    He admitted on the hot mic that vaccine mandates only exist to shame the “unvaccinated” for causing a pandemic, even though evidence shows that the vaccinated make up the bulk of hospitalizations, as vaccine failure and adverse events take hold of the population. In August, the Medical Director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem told Channel 13 news that 95 percent of the hospital’s severely symptomatic COVID-19 patients were already vaccinated.

    Israeli leaders imply they would like to refuse medical services based on vaccination status

    The two dictators, Horowitz and Shaked, joked about using the Green Pass to give the people some of their freedoms back incrementally. Shaked told Horowitz, “I also think you can remove the Green Pass for outdoor restaurants.” Horowitz concurred, saying “Epidemiologically it’s correct,” to allow the unvaccinated to take part in some outdoor events such as outdoor dining and attending public pools. Horowitz stopped himself short, however, saying that once he starts making exceptions to passport requirements, people will want more freedom. I can’t let them have full access to pools, “because then they will say — if not pools, then why water parks?” Horowitz remarked.

    Horowitz expressed concern that the Green Pass System is not being properly enforced across the country, and that unvaccinated people are being allowed into hospitals. “We have a problem. The Green Pass is not enforced, especially in the Arab sector…it does not exist, and I see it in hospitals,” he balked.

    Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern chimed in on the conversation, “It’s irritating that [the unvaccinated] are taking up beds.” The Israeli leaders revealed their tyrannical intent to deny treatments and basic medical care to people, forcing both segregation and death on those who do not follow vaccination requirements.

    By its very premise, a vaccine mandate is a violation of informed consent. A vaccine mandate implies the use of force and is an illegal act of intimidation, duress and coercion. A vaccine mandate is not rooted in science, law, ethics or medicine. There are no instances in American law where the rights of one person supersede the body autonomy rights of another. When coercion is used in medicine, an official or medical professional is in violation of the American Medical Association’s code of ethics. When informed consent is bypassed and coercion is introduced, a medical product or procedure becomes a medical experimentation and is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

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