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Is THIS Bizarre Enough For Ya!??!

    HighImpactFlix – August 19th, 2021

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    That we’re far gone is evidenced by the fact that, in 2021, we don’t have laugh tracks accompanying EVERY sentence from EVERY politician. You’ll wanna see the new video I’ll be uploading to my Back up Grease Monkey Videos later tonight. Here’s the links to one of the videos from yesterday about the pervasiveness and poison of PROPAGANDA – the information is timeless, relevant and sharable: Thank you!

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    2 thoughts on “Is THIS Bizarre Enough For Ya!??!”

    1. I’ve read the ingredients in the Patriot Pantry survival food like garbage! It’s loaded with genetically modified, toxic seed oils like canola and soybean oils, high fructose corn sweetener, high carbohydrates, high sodium, bio sludge! Please stop pushing this garbage!!! You definitely don’t want this crap for your survival!!! It’s an instant heart attack in a foil bag!

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