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Interview with a Demon – Sudden death, the soul, Pharmakeia how to escape the covid jab (share this)

Jim Crenshaw – October 18th, 2022

Everyone needs to see this. If you know someone who is jabbed, this is the way out. This whole Plandemic is Satanic, demonic and evil. You will see a whistleblower of a very different kind explain what the covid jabs are designed to do, and the ‘vaccine’s’ connection with evil.
[1] Two men die mysteriously:

[2] More people die in the same mysterious way:

[3] Possessed woman interacting with Border Patrol agents:

[4] The vaxxed see something strange – I am a Malaysian:

[5] John Levi Mostert – possessed woman interviews:
Source: WakeUpPlanet:

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