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Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!

    War Room With Owen Shroyer – Nov 6, 2020

    Dr. Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell exclusively on The War Room. Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat!

    War Room With Owen Shroyer

    15 thoughts on “Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!”

    1. Thank God! I know that President Trump has always been many steps ahead of everyone! This is great news and yes, he is a Genius and he is OUR PRESIDENT!!!! Awesome! Can’t wait to watch the “mopping up” party!

      1. Very much is aslong as it’s not cryptic to count as a fraud vote to trump. I remember reading something similar years ago but yes anyone who says otherwise hasn’t read the laws

    2. Oh man I hope this is true .. I love president TRUMP .. he’s the best present this country has ever had since I’ve been walking this Earth!!

    3. It shouldn’t of happened in the first place! If those indictments and arrests had been exposed prior to the election, we would be in rejoicing mode! Take the small fry from Canada down with this operation. He is actually saying he will bring in military to fight America…I know he is a joke, but it’s getting impossible to comprehend what small fry is up to! Take the cabal down, world wide! Trusting in POTUS and his Admins! Canadians are in a stand still on what to do!

    4. Is this misinformation in the following link or is it accurate? It is completely contrary to what was said in the video above, and it is a government website: In brief, it says that the federal government does not print ballots and therefore does not put watermarks on ballots.

      1. That is the question that everyone is asking. Is this ‘sting operation’ actually in effect or is it a psyop? I would be very surprised if Dr.Steve Pieczenick would come out with such a statement and for it to be false information, as that would destroy his reputation. Time will tell, but I remain optimistic.

    5. Unfortunately, David, I think you are correct. If there were indeed arrests being made as he explicitly said, I’m pretty sure the news would get out fairly quickly. I got so excited there for a few minutes… But why would he come out and say such a thing???

      1. Michelle, I hope it’s true, too.
        Consider that Trump has done a LOT behind the scenes that has not been made available to the public. I do believe that arrests have been made, and will continue to be made.????

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