‘This girl has had enough of the mask wearing’

Infowars.com – August 21, 2020

A viral video features a little girl ripping off her face mask in disgust, a sentiment likely shared by many Americans amid the COVID-19 mandates.

In the short, but powerful video, the girl no older than 3-years-old removes her mask with an angry expression on her face, before furiously tossing it on the grass.

The toddler’s reaction is illustrative of how humans of any age instinctively know face masks are bogus.

“This girl has had enough of the mask wearing,” a caption on a Twitter upload of the video states.

Meanwhile, as more Americans continue to follow mask mandates without question, several jurisdictions are adopting even more stringent face mask measures, with the most Orwellian coming out of Maine, where the governor has mandated restaurant staff wear “anti-COVID visors upside down so they resemble dog cones in order to direct breath upwards,” reports Paul Joseph Watson.




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Cass · 22 August 2020 at 12:38 PM

Hahaha ohh bless littlens x

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