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Informed Consent – Ickonic Original Film (2020)

    David Icke – Dec 19, 2020


    Sign Up to for a 7 day free trial to see the World’s exciting new streaming platform. Are vaccines safe? That’s the question and one that you cannot seem to ask in society these days without abuse and censorship. In this film we hear from some of the greatest minds from the world of Medicine and Science who tell a very different story to one you may hear in the mainstream or from your Doctor. Also we speak to parents who are fully aware of the potential costs of Vaccines. It’s time for a sensible, open and frank debate around this subject, no more name calling and mud-slinging, just a debate on the facts. That’s all we ask, hopefully in 70 minutes time you’ll realise there is two sides to this story.

    Produced and Directed by Jaymie Icke

    David Icke

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