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“I’m Not Crazy!” – This American Has Had Enough

    ZeroHedge |Tyler Durden – Monday, Dec 28, 2020 – 18:00

    As America’s “Great MaskDebation” year comes to an end, public outcries against various officials’ authoritarian orders grow louder in the face of an increasing body of scientific studies exposing the lies (that Fauci just admitted to).

    As more and more ‘members of the public’ educate themselves on the reality of the virus – its contagiousness, its deadliness, the ineffectiveness of mitigation techniques, and the fallacies of COVID test results – at least one American has “had enough”, in her own words, “I’m not crazy… I’m done!”

    Will the fact that asymptomatic spread is not a thing (read the study here) be a game-changer for the Biden admin’s plan to mask the nation for 100 days?

    All of which leaves us asking: “what do you call the opposite of a ‘Karen’?”


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