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If You Can’t Win On The Battlefield, Get The Media To Publish Fantasy

    Gateway Pundit | By Larry Johnson Published January 24, 2023 at 7:00am

    And the Western media train ride to crazy town continues to hurtle down the tracks and does not realize the bridge over the River Dnieper has vanished. That is the best poetic imagery I could conjure up tonight to try to capture that pathology of so-called journalists to publish nonsense. A new meme emerged today — the Wagner Group is being wiped out.

    Take a look at Shannon Vavra doing Deep State stenography for the Daily Beast:

    Tens of thousands of fighters rounded up to fight in Ukraine for Wagner Group , the Russian private mercenary fighting corps, have gone missing or died, according to a Russian non-governmental organization. . . .

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    The statistic cited is just the latest indication that Wagner’s fighting force is falling apart in Ukraine, even as Russia works to secure wins on the battlefield almost one year after the invasion of Ukraine.

    Wagner Group fighters have been involved in the heavy fighting in Soledar in recent weeks, a town in which Russia has claimed victory. Wagner has also been largely responsible for gains made in Bakhmut nearby, “at an extraordinary cost,” given that many of the Wagner recruits had minimal training since Wagner recruited 40,000 convicts, John Kirby, a White House National Security Council coordinator, told reporters last week.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at the dramatic losses the Russians are sustaining in Soledar in a recent speech as well.

    Unlike Baghdad Bob, President Zelensky is being enabled by a host of Western government leaders and media pundits as clings tenaciously to the belief that Ukraine still controls Soledar. But the reality displayed on the following map tells a different story:

    “The headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR announced the liberation of Krasnopolevka.” As you can see on the map, Krasnopolevka is northwest of Soledar. Russia’s Wagner Group is not behaving as a decimated force hemorrhaging personnel. The Russians are moving methodically to envelop the Ukrainian forces in a cauldron and Zelensky continues to insist they are winning. It just dawned on me that Zelensky, as a former comedian, is channeling his inner Monty Python with Ukraine as the Black Knight.

    This is a perfect example of art reflecting reality with respect to the Ukrainian military effort. Russian advances are not confined to Bakhmut and Soledar. Russia is expanding its bridgehead in the direction of Seversk (which is north of Soledar) and is attacking the villages of Razdolovka, Nikolaevka, Vesely, Vyemka, and Ivano-Daryevka. An impressive display of combat prowess by a supposedly spent force of ex-convicts.

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