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If Americans truly voted for Biden, ‘they’ve cashed in their freedoms for safety’

    Sky News Australia – Nov 6, 2020

    The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner says if it’s true that Joe Biden has fairly won the election, then Americans have voted for somebody championing nationwide mask mandates and lockdowns and have “cashed in their freedoms for safety”.

    “If we are to believe the election results, it may very well be possible that Joe Biden has won this election fair and square, well that would mean Americans have voted for someone that ran on two things. One, Orange man bad but number two, the coronavirus,” Mr Rozner told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.

    “He couldn’t run on the economy; he couldn’t run on foreign policy.

    “The only things he ran on were those two things.

    “The first wouldn’t have got him there, but the second, the coronavirus. If Americans have voted for somebody championing nationwide mask mandates, lockdowns, you name it, then Americans have, like every other country in the world almost, cashed in their freedoms for safety.

    “I just find it very difficult to believe that Americans would consciously do that, yet that is apparently what has happened here.

    “It’s a great loss for the world.

    “I’ve never been as devastated by an election result in my life.”

    Sky News Australia

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