wilparanormal Published September 30, 2021

Rumble — If you continue to watch mainstream news, you will continue to get the injections and these Boosters will be every six months … Forever …. until you’re DEAD.
You want the TRUTH? There you have it ….Plain and Simple.
You may say you feel fine but when you get your 1st cold or flu over the Fall and Winter months, you will not survive without an immune system.
Everything is being censored to keep you in the dark and to make you a complying sheep.
WHY? Because you are are too many. It’s called GENOCIDE 2021 and you just go along with it while the 1% of the world who are doing this to you watch and laugh as you die off.
Don’t Believe it? You will when you start seeing your friends and family members begin to die off shortly.



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