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How to physically defend yourself against a riot cop

    Jim Crenshaw – July 30th, 2022

    A message from MithChronicler:
    Although physically grappling with a riot cop is absolutely the WORST way to handle one, there could be a situation where you are forced to contend with a riot enforcer in this manner. Master Wong helps you deal with your problem.

    This is not a video about tactics or non melee methods for “handling” riot cops. They don’t just run out in singles and pairs and fight people. They work in very coordinated units. For some information about that check out my riot police armor videos. I was going to make a video about protester and police tactics but I didn’t sense a lot of interest. This video provides useful information for very specific scenarios. Please apply common sense to your understanding of this information.

    Source: Master Wong on MithChronicler:

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