Greg Reese – Jul 23, 2022

And how to liberate all of mankind

[ InstaHard Endorsed and Used By Alex Jones ( )}

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Jana · 24 July 2022 at 4:53 AM

Runs on banks in China
July 22, 22 with Tanks controlling protesters
Will happen to the entire world.
In america Mystery Babylon the great false beacon of light, will fall, this fall, 2022.
Then the domino effect will hit all who worshiped Babylon, one by one.
From the ones that mimicked, and copied her sin the most and on down.
It is pre-planned just like the covid scam.
They intend to make economic collapse so horrible so they can be the ones to save you from it at the cost of your human DNA and your souls in the great reset, which is the devolution of humanity into inferior species.
They need to make you more devolved than they are, so they can rule as superior beings, when in truth, they/freemasons are inferior and more devolved into the image and likeness of the devil already.
They are the beasts of the Apocalypse. The final war to take all of you from your souls and God forever.
You are all about to pay collectively for your collective sins of accepting capitalism and the ashkenazi jews who used it against you and to prevent you from ever evolving higher into oneness.
Into a world of true equality and freedom.

The devils who call the truth any truth about them: antisemetic, hate speech and defamation of character. Are the slimy serpents who serve the devil to destroy all of your souls, which they plan to do shortly with the Mark of the beast: entrance way into the great reset, but is in fact the end of your lives and the entrance into eternal Hell.

The planet Pluto, just entered into Mystery Babylon, the great’s house of money.
Had you invaders of America, the white devils, under the fremasonic ashkenazi’s total control, adopted the ways of the red race, and lived sharing and caring in communities in brotherhood, as ONE, all equal and free, you would not be suffering now.
Instead you chose to destroy that way of life and with it destroy the environment and the earth itself, and embrace satanic capitalism. You brought this on yourselves.

You shamed mothers, black women who were poor for having babies and put the fathers in prison so they required welfare, rather than share equally, from your God the money system= Moloch mammon iniquity=the devils way to enslave. Just because you all had it a little better and had the carrot of being on top eventually through hard work and effort, the bait and switch carrot, that kept you enslaved by debt from the money system that takes back all you ever work for eventually.
That time is now. When the mask of the money system is taken off finally and becomes the reality you must finally see, a master slave system, of the wealthy who now own everything and the slaves who are all gentiles. All done by the slight of hand deceptions of the Ashkenazi, disciples of satan.
The Luciferians are the top people of the S. Sovereign class who are all his fallen angels, in human bodies pilfered from idiots who sold their souls and therefore their bodies, to the devils to get to the top of freemasonry. To be billionaires of the Illuminati, 33 degree masons.

Now you will all be laid low. Even lower than the lowest classes who were always oppressed and enslaved into misery, although they did the worst and most difficult work for all of you and got nothing for it but to be disparaged as worthless people. While you who had everything easy and handed to you, felt proud of it, and claimed to be self-made and more superior than those below you. The poor and oppressed of America’s dark and sinister history, will have final justice.They will know they are the Blessed Children of the light. The rest have always been the worshipers of darkness, selfish and self serving people who divided against their brethren under capitalism, a pyramid scheme, just to get to the top, of others who were oppressed. They will learn what true oppression is. They will see the lies of calling the poor a burden on society as if it was their fault for not being as GREEDY as all of you “smug superior self absorbed selfish narcissists.

Now is the time pluto has returned to teach you where dividing against one another has gotten you.
Now is a time of chaos and total devastation, where everything that made you proud and to feel superior will be taken from you forever.

When Mystery Babylon is punished for her sins with the great reset, you will know shame, and suffering, but will you ever know the TRUTH of your own hand in it? That you did it to yourselves and it is Pluto/KARMA? Sadly, if you don’t, it will be permanent.

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