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‘Horrific’ John Podesta Snuff Film Circulating on Dark Web – Featuring Madeleine McCann

    The People’s Voice – June 2nd, 2023

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    An extreme snuff film featuring John Podesta and a young girl believed to be Madeleine McCann is circulating on the dark web, according to sources familiar with the material.

    The video has been circulating on the dark web since last month, according to reliable sources who have viewed the material and confirm the content is “worse than your worst nightmare.”

    Many people are unable to watch the video for more than a few seconds due to the horrific nature of the content, according to sources familiar with the tape.

    It is believed Podesta was terrorizing the young girl, deliberately causing the child’s body to release Adrenachrome into her bloodstream, before bleeding her out and drinking the blood during a Satanic ritual.

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