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Hero Doctor Gives Saline Injections Instead Of Death Shot, Canadian Wildfires Set On Purpose

    Stew Peters Network – Streamed on: Jun 9, 8:00 pm EDT

    Damen Atkins began quoting scripture at a Pride meeting on a public sidewalk and was arrested in about 60 seconds.
    The Lancaster Patriot’s Chris Hume is here to talk about Damon Atkins who was arrested for quoting God’s holy scripture in Reading, Pennsylvania.
    A Utah doctor took more than two thousand doses of the Covid-19 bioweapon vaccine and heroically dumped them down the drain.
    Dr. Kirk Moore is here to explain how and why he decided to reject the dangerous bioweapon vaccines.
    Why are all the fires in Canada starting at the exact same time?
    Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk Canada is here to report on the strange wildfires that sparked out of nowhere.
    Get prepared before your town or city becomes the next New York. Secure your family with the TriadAer system before it’s too late at and use promocode “Stew”.
    Mike Dillon is here to talk about the terrible air quality throughout the Northeast including New York and what you can do to protect your family from polluted air.
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