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Here is the DOENUT video that was DELETED off every platform after 32 minutes

    UNDERSTANDING THE LIES – September 20th, 2022

    He must have hit a NERVE for a co-ordinated deletion of this video across many platforms!!
    I shall load it on to my channel.
    Banks are all in on the SCAM!!

    Everyone needs to GET READY FOR THIS people!!
    1)- Ensure that your financials are in order!! Any debts repay them ASAP!
    2)- Store long-term foods!!
    3)- Grow vegetables in whatever space you can find in your garden (if you have the space that is). If you live in an apartment get storable foods as per the above.
    4)- I have a 5,000litre water tank to collect rain water (with filter) from my roof.
    5)- I have some Jerry cans filled with back up fuel just in case. I wish I had more.
    6)- And if you can afford it – Buy some physical small 1 Oz gold / 5-10 Oz silver bars.
    7)- And again if you can afford it – Get a solar system on your roof with battery. If the power ever goes you will still be able to generate your own.
    8)- If possible buy a gun for self defense..

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