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Health Minister Hunt’s Family Involvement in Graphene and Vaxines

    nationaltimesaustralia – August 19, 2021

    Letter to the Editor

    Graphene(oxide) in the vaccines…
    This press conference may make sense now given Andrew Twiggy Forrest mines graphene… All roads lead back to graphene.
    As we already know, graphene is a super conductor.

    As Dr Jane Ruby stated on the Stew Peters Show, the blood of a vaccinated person under microscope showed the red blood cells strangely ‘light up’ due to the inclusion of graphene in the vaccines.

    Then I found an article on an experiment done at none other than the University of California, which just so happens to include one Professor Robert (Bob) Hunt, who by pure coincidence is Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt’s brother and who receives funding through a foundation called The Hunt Lab, as does his other brother Professor John Hunt at the University of NSW.

    UNSW has coincidentally received millions in grants from Greg Hunt and the Federal Government.
    UCI ‘grant funded’ experiments discovered they could remote control the heartbeat of a mouse, speeding it up or down remotely by way of graphene.

    So then I look up what could ‘light up’ or ‘activate’ graphene in respect to ‘light robotics’ and I found an existing remote control technology called LiDAR that, like graphene, has many applications.

    One of the applications of this LiDAR technology includes drones, just like the ones they have in Sydney right now

    So in a nutshell, my thought are the COVID-19/Delta variant ‘hot-spots’ are being targeted by LiDAR, activating those who have been vaccinated by way of drones, cameras and satellites to induce a variety of health issues including heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, tremors and more depending on how your body reacts when the graphene is activated. This of course is then labelled a COVID-19/Delta death and they will then move onto the next ‘COVID-19 ravaged’ suburb and continue. This of course may be along with mind-control (Google graphene and mind medicine).

    Google Mind Medicine a ‘foundation’ created by Greg Hunt’s other brother, Peter Hunt and Mind Med, a friend of big pharma.
    And his other brother Steven Hunt is the Director of graphene company Sparc and sits on the board of the ‘Graphene Enabled Industry.

    Why is this NOT public knowledge?

    Kind regards,
    Tatjana, NSW

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    1. Well its becoming even more obvious on what the puppet power to be agendas are as the plot thickens & more evidence is exposed

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