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Have you ever wondered what the tetanus vaccine was for?

Free Your Mind – March 15th, 2023

Taken from Telegram

1 thought on “Have you ever wondered what the tetanus vaccine was for?”

  1. Modern allopathic medicine was founded by jews.
    During the middle ages.
    It is contrary to all ancient healing methods.
    It has always been a weapon the jews use to destroy the gentiles.
    It has always been a poison posing as cures, industry.
    It was a way to give jews power over gentiles.
    The only power the jews want is power to destroy all gentiles and make them their slaves.
    You are all slaves to the medical system that makes you sick and never cures any disease.
    The Royals, Illuminati and “elite’ high level freemasons do not use the allopathic medicine and would NEVER. They have healing methods that actually work that they would never share with you, ‘useless eaters’, and ‘great unwashed’ ones.
    They know what a con and a sham modern medicine is.
    Everything the jews establish and monopolize is for the destruction of the gentiles, especially wars.
    Everything they do has one goal: to destroy, to make you ruin your souls, and destroy your own souls.
    They all end up in eternal Hell when they die and they want the same for all gentiles.
    They want to make you like them, damned and lost from God and his love forever.
    Sadly the jews are doing a great job of that with your enthusiastic participation.

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