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They Lied | What a Surprise………..Not

    GHard_Joe – March 27th, 2023

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    3 thoughts on “They Lied | What a Surprise………..Not”

    1. The Talmud tells the jews to “accuse your enemy of all the evil, sins and crimes that you are guilty of”.
      Everything the jews lied and told us that Hitler did to them, they are now going to do to the gentiles of the entire world. Using the WEF and the WHO. They will torture and kill Billions to get their JEWISH directorship over the the world.
      Everything the jews said Hitler did to them, the jews did to Christians in the hundreds of millions in the satanic jew run and operated communist (satanist) revolutions, only worse.
      They sent 300 jews from Jew York to infiltrate and take over the Russian people’s revolution that was begun as a sham by their freemasons ahead of the jew invasion.
      They set up the Bolshekik and CHEKA to torture all the clergy and nuns first and all the men women and children in their blood soaked compounds.
      The jews are in their glory when they are bringing HELL to this earth=that is Satanism.
      They immediately made antisemitism a crime punished by death and in 1920 they made abortion a jewish satanic ritual legal. They set up gulags, work camps, communes and forced atheism.
      They leveled every Christian Church and never touched any synagogue of satan.
      Every ruler of Russia has been a jew ever since, including Putin.
      They fake that they are not jewish and Stalin even changed his name to do it.
      They went on to infiltrate the Vatican and every Pope since John XXIII has been a jew-freemason.
      They went to america and began the jew-loving Israel worshiping “evangelical movement”
      All of this was funded by the private Jewish Banks who made even more money back from it.
      Every gentile is Hated by the jews and they think of them as animals. But the reverse is true.
      Just like the reverse is true about the Hollow cost.
      The jews are everything they accuse Hitler and Germany of being.
      While Russia was suffering at the hands of Satanists, a man of God named Hitler throughout all the privately owned jewish Banks and printed the money for the German people himself. He gave everyone jobs and the economy boomed, Germany was beautiful and prospered once the jews were gone.
      This world is evil because the jews have infiltrated and everything the jews become a part of becomes evil.
      They want to destroy the family and make people no longer have the right to reproduce.
      Electric cars and vaccines make people sterile. Then they want to make the gentile human species themselves in labs. Babies grown in labs, to become adrenochrome.
      The ritual that has been around since the ancient Babylonian Money system arrived with the fallen angels long ago. “Mamman” are the fallen angels come to earth. Jewish Banking is still, and began as “moloch mammon worship” sacrificing babies torturing them for adrenochrome.
      Everything they lied and said Hitler did to them they are planning and setting up to do to Billions, just like they did in Russia and China. Make no mistake, Israel and their jews still run and own Russia and China. Xi and Putin are Satanists of the worst kind.
      The jews always lie and what they say is always the exact opposite of the truth.
      Russia and China will claim they are attacking us in WW3 to fight the NWO. That is not true. They own Trump and Biden, and they are the Jew world Order: the Order of Satan.
      When they gave themselves to Satan in exchange for all the wealth and power in the world, and agreed to have Jesus Christ crucified for Satan, in return they were given the Banking system, they paid Judas, they are the tribe of Ashkenaz. They Hate Jesus and have no souls, ever since and all of them are born soulless from soulless mothers. They are 100% HATE.
      Just like Jesus is 100% LOVE. He loves all of us equally.
      He does not want to see his children fall to the jews.
      He is in each of our souls and we must all resist the satanic jew world order and unite and love one another, and stand against evil. We must fight evil with GOOD.
      It is good to recognize that the jews are the synagogue of satan.
      They are the killers of Christ.
      They work for and are the slaves of Satan on this earth.
      Recognize who the antichrist is: the jews are the antichrist.
      End their banking dictatorship now.
      Put them in jail for their crimes.
      Do not allow them to VaXXXinate you or poison you with the jewish run poison producing industries.
      Ban all poisons, in medicines, in food and food production, and in Water.
      Ban all war and all science that makes weapons that kill and that kills life.
      They are working now to own all the water at the Jew-UN, so they can poison it.
      Jews must be cast out of all gentile societies and live separately because they are a poison to life.
      They are life-killing energy demonically possessed evil destroyers who exist as the minions of Satan to serve the fallen angels of Hell. They/the illuminati even hate the jews.
      You can’t serve 2 masters. Choose God or mammon.
      The jews already chose Mammon 2000 years ago, don’t join them, or you will share in the eternal Hell that comes after death for every soulless jew born of a soulless jewish mother.

      adrenochome is 100% jewish, it comes from their Gods: the fallen angels who live in the Illuminati; the jewsih bankers, the wealthy and powerful jews, who are now by $ intermarriage $ (jewish mothers) what is left of the Royal families. They are Moloch Mammon. That is who the freemasonic leaders of all nations bow to and and are totally (demonically) controlled by.

    2. It is true, even the protests now, the jews want. They want them so they can infiltrate them with jewish MONEY, and take them over. They plan to have civil wars all over the world, just like what happened in Syria and also in Russia and China. They will make these civil wars part of the jew world order, and do what they do: slaughter billions of gentiles and trick gentiles into slaughtering each other for the jews.
      Whenever there is an economic downturn it is because the jews stop gentiles from being employed. There are no jobs and they keep them down for long enough that they can bring their big wars, which only the jews and the jewish private banks will profit from. Having no jobs for long enough will make the gentiles join the military just for a job. Then, they get the gentiles to slaughter one another for them. Then they make more money rebuilding for the jews and jew banks. The gentiles will do all the work rebuilding then the jews will take everything they built and own and control those nations. Until the final war, coming WW3, where they will own EVERYTHING and kill all the gentiles and all Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and every gentile of every race, creed and color in a huge Satanic ritual. Wars are a satanic ritual that consecrates a nation, or soon the world in the blood of God’s children to LUCIFER.

      Get ready for jewish contrived, run and paid for civil wars to come everywhere and become VIOLENT.
      Leading to attacks or pretended aid/invasions by the UN, Russian and Chinese military all run by Israel and the jewish private central banks. Even your own government and the Judases who work for them will attack, kill, imprison and torture you, as they did in Syria. (their test run) Your own Freemason leaders will capitulate to every jew command coming from Israel and the bankers. They will bring a reign of terror on all Christians and torture and imprison them and ban all Bibles and religions just as they did in Russia and do in China. Even Israel will also soon pass the law to ban Jesus and Christianity. They will make you worship your en-slavers the jews, who are the antichrist by bringing out a false jewish Messiah, who commands it and will bring false peace just to force the mark of the beast on everyone.
      God and his angels, will protect all his own children of God and they have nothing to fear, as long as they do what Jesus would do. Do not do anything that the jews would do. Do not hate, or fear. Be LOVE, TRUTH and non violent resistors.
      What they really want is for you to become jews, to lose your souls, to lose God and lose your birthright (which jews do not possess) eternal Heaven after death.
      This entire world will be destroyed in WW3, but for those who endure in Christ Jesus and God, will receive a heavenly reward so magnificent, a new heaven and earth to come for those who prove they will never do what the jews did: sell their souls to satan for wealth and power, crucify Jesus again for becoming his minions on this earth.
      This is all a test: God is in control.
      Your eternity is being determined here and now. This is Armageddon.

    3. truth giving spirit

      The evil jews needed the crash of 1929, to convince people of their lies;
      Message from God almighty, the creator and sustainer of all life:
      In case you haven’t noticed and because there needs to be a contrast between good and evil, like the ability to see black letters on a white page, but white letters can’t be seen if printed on a white page. This is a test and God is in total control. The evil one can do nothing without permission from God. You gentiles are forcing God to give more permission (black on white contrast) to make you aware of the truth. So the more gentiles of every race creed and color who are the children of God and God resides in their souls, ignore God, and refute God and his goodness and Love, and turn themselves over to emulate, mimic and imitate, adore and glorify and stupidly idealize as ‘good’ when it is in truth: evil and an offense to God; then the things Satan’s minions: the jews bring to you, to take you from God with his permission granted to them, will become even more evil and wicked and vile. This will only get worse until you go back to knowing the jews are the devil’s instruments on earth to do his will. And until you gentiles return to your God who loves you and become his instruments in this world doing his good for him, the world will continue to become more divide and evil, until the evil overcomes all good and they persecute, imprison, torture and kill all the good people. When that happens, this world will end. There will be no going back. Game over, end of story.

      You have been idealizing the jews ever since, they bought up all entertainment. publishing. news and information media, after the 1929 economic crash which they orchestrated to be able to buy it all up for pennies on the dollar and have maintained a monopoly over, ever since.
      To soon be outdone by the jew world order of Satan monopoly on everything including the internet with this coming economic disaster they are also orchestrating the same way they did the first: by causing the massive unemployment of all gentles. Without people earning money, no one can buy the goods and services and all the businesses (except the ones owned and run by jews) go belly up.

      If you do not want to suffer in the coming cataclysms, trials and calamities: return to God and obey his 10 commandments, which appear in all religions. The ones the jews refuse to obey and continually convince you to break. The more you break God’s laws the more power the devil will be given. The more black the ink letters on God’s white paper will be. Until white itself will vanish.

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