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Aviation Week.
Graham’s panel just trying to get their heads around the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration – a bit like VAERS) data.
A number cruncher helps us to understand what the TGA is not telling pilots and air crew.
This is a panel discussion.
Remember – Blackrock and Vanguard have shares in Qantas and we know what they stand for. Qantas is just toeing the line like a lot of other companies that are aligned with WEF, NWO, WHO etc and have KS and GS as the heads. Australia first and not globalists who just feather their own nests at the expense of citizens.

Just one thing I want to mention (for credibility purposes of what I’m going to say it’s important to note that I’m a software engineer and learned statistics analysis as part of my degree). Graham, I believe there is a small confusion when around 22 minutes mark you said that 63% of the pilots will have … condition.
The 63% was from the group of those who experienced adverse reaction. So I believe it’s not 63% of all pilots but 63% of pilots that experienced adverse reaction. I hope this helps.
Thank you again! I’m following you since your video on why you chose not to take the vaccine and what it meant for you.
Stayoutathetrees and God bless