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Graham: Ex-FBI Lawyer Clinesmith Who Plans to Plead Guilty ‘Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried’

    Justice finally coming to perpetrators of years-long Russia hoax

    Sputnik – August 15, 2020

    Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

    Republicans accuse the Obama administration of launching the since-discredited Russia probe in 2016 to undermine Donald Trump. Their claims may get more credence with the expected revelations of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

    Kevin Clinesmith’s guilty plea should deeply concern the FBI agents who investigated the Trump campaign links with Russia, Senator Lindsey Graham has said.

    “Something tells me that Mr. Clinesmith knows where the bodies are buried, and if I were in the FBI working on Crossfire Hurricane, I would be very worried right now,” Graham, a close Trump ally and chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, told Fox News’ Hannity on Friday.

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