Broke and suicidal: The desperate Aussies STILL unable to work due to draconian vaccine mandates that are destroying their lives – ‘we didn’t want to have the Covid jab… so we are out of a job’

  • Thousands of Australians remain ‘hopelessly unemployed’ for refusing the jab
  • Covid mandates mostly ended in NSW but businesses can enforce own rules 
  • Workers in key sectors reveal heartwrenching stories after getting sacked 
  • Australia facing a nationwide jobs crisis with bosses unable to find enough staff 

By Levi Parsons For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 11:45 AEST, 1 June 2022 | Updated: 12:26 AEST, 1 June 2022

‘Thousands’ of out-of-work Australians who refused to get the Covid jab have revealed that vaccine mandates are ‘destroying their lives’ by leaving them ‘helplessly unemployed’.

The New South Wales government on April 20 announced that: ‘Public health orders requiring key workforces to be vaccinated will be lifted’, however bosses are still permitted to enforce their own vaccination mandates if they choose.

This has left workers – including teachers, lifeguards and nurses – unable to make a living at a time when key industries are struggling to find enough staff amid a major workforce shortage.

Daily Mail Australia understands that although jab mandates have ended in several states, many other companies and institutions are still following an unofficial no jab, no job policy.

Organisations who sacked workers when state-ordered vaccine mandates were brought in in 2021, have refused to hire un-jabbed workers but do not have formal Covid jab policy for staff. 

‘Vaccine mandates have crushed my family,’ a woman named Suzanne wrote to 2GB.