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GOV corruption + MSM must be exposed and STOPPED! Trump CARD played well! Pray!

    And We Know – Streamed on: Mar 23, 12:22 pm EDT

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    Fake actors caught pretending to be Trump supporters

    25-Year-Old NFL Player Announces Sudden Retirement from Football – ‘My Health Is Above Anything’

    Opinions are now classed as ‘terrorism’.

    “unfair Prosecutors who want to destroy us all” 45

    “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years.”

    ‘This Is Shameful’: A Weaponized DOJ Should Concern Every American

    Chinese nationals are illegally flooding our border. Why?

    🚨Former IDF Medical Officer and Director of Primary Care at Meuhedet, Israel’s third-largest HMO, serving one million clients nationwide, calls for the immediate halt of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines:

    Desantis pushing vax on 100 year old

    French TV show said Celine Dion take CHROME


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