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God’s Chosen People

    MediaGiant – April 22nd, 2023

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    1 thought on “God’s Chosen People”

    1. They are not Jews, they are the killers of Jesus Christ who served Satan and Killed him for Satan and now belong to and serve Satan on earth ever since. They are born psychopaths without souls, without anything of God in them, and who are made in the exact image of their father the devil, as Jesus told us. Liars and murderers. They have poisoned the world, our culture, our arts, our music and made it satanic, all the while they lie and claim the evil they do is “good” when it is evil and claim they are “good”. When they are pure evil.Everything the Jews do is for one reason only: to harm gentiles, they do for Satan.
      The only thing the Jews do and have ever done is to harm and kill gentiles for Satan.
      They are evil incarnate.
      They do evil, and any gentiles that supports them and allows them to do the evil they perpetrate against gentiles and against God will be judged equally guilty for the Jewish penchant for committing evil crimes against all gentiles, the earth, all life on earth and Life itself.
      Every harm the Jews do to any and all Gentiles, they have also done to God.
      God is in every gentile soul. Jews are born without souls and demonically possessed.
      The real final solution, was this:
      Hitler’s real plan was to take the Jews down to Antarctica to the gateway to HELL, and send them back to their Gods, the fallen angels of Hell.
      There is a gateway to Hell in Antarctica and until all the Jews are sent there back to their father in Hell, Satan, this world will be ruled over by Satan and destroyed completely.
      Technology and science from the Jews has one purpose: to poison the world and destroy the ecosystem.
      That is the real Space program, they dug the DUMBs, they entered Hell and allowed the demons to come out to the earth, it began with Aleister Crowley and the gate to Hell in California.
      Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard, part of Crowley’s Satanic Cult,
      That is where the space fake program began, with the “treaty with aliens” Eisenhower a jew, signed with the “aliens” .
      That treaty was with HELL and its demons, the fallen angels came to Earth, who are aliens.
      Since the treaty was signed the former free world governments have been supplying them with everything they need: adrenochrome.
      Babies and children and also with helping them destroy the Catholic Church.
      All the Jewish WARS exist to supply those babies and children, gentile babies under the age of 7, therefore sinless, and to destroy the Religions of the nations they make war against.
      They did and still do what those demonic beings asked in exchange for technology and weapons, written in that treaty.
      Bill Cooper spoke out against it. He knew the details and that is why they killed him.
      It was not to abduct people for experimentation”, it was to use them for Satanic rituals, the main one being: adrenochrome.
      Others were taken down to the DUMBs, to be experimented on/tortured and kept in cages, genetically, which is part of the religion of the fallen angels: to tamper with the gentiles and make them not of God, and turn them into part animals, as they did in Atlantis, long ago. Edgar Cayce exposed it in his writings. They made humans into “things”.
      Then Atlantis was destroyed and the fallen angels were cast in Hell.
      The “aliens” wanted the Vatican and the Holy Land, and the US, British and Europeans involved gave it to them. As an insult and offense to God, and now both places are infested with demons.
      Everything the jews do brings demons to the earth, and brings ownership of the earth to Satan.
      What they did in Russia and China, was the same, satanic occupation of the earth by jews.
      They brought into America all the porn, sex trades, perversion, drugs and atheism.
      Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe and the entire Branch Davidian compound in Waco were silenced because they knew, and wanted to make it public knowledge.
      The Jews and Israel murdered them. The Jews run the CIA and the FBI since killing JFK.
      Now because the Jews are the Antichrist and they rule America, all the demons of Hell have invaded the earth, and it will be destroyed in WW3. It will burn.
      All the nations responsible for the treaty with the Demonic beings of Hell, and agreed to what they required in exchange for the deadly, poisonous, lethal toxic technology they gave in return for the blood of Children and people who vanish off the streets every day now, will soon BURN and go down to Hell and vanish also from this earth to eternal Hell and never leave it.
      They are the Antichrist. They do the exact opposite of what Jesus does.
      The Jews and all who follow and support and have anything to do with them, are all on the path to eternal Hell, all of them will be judged equally guilty of their sins.
      Only those who are against the Antichrist are with Jesus Christ.
      Padre Pio said: the Jews are the enemies of God, our souls and all that is Holy.
      Turn from them and reject them, and you reject the devil, otherwise you are with the devil.
      Look what happened to Germany, once the got rid of the Jews and cast them out, they became heavenly, a nation under God. Look at America once it accepted and began worshiping the Jews as the chosen people: it has become a cesspit of wickedness, evil, vice and sin. It has become Antichrist. It will soon burn, vanish from earth and become a part of Hell itself forever.
      Make your choice you can’t serve 2 masters.
      The Jews even call themselves: “the master race’.
      They are Satan’s chosen minions who serve him.
      Everything the Jews do and have ever done , and ever will do: is in service to Satan.

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