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Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals

    Greg Reese – Apr 1, 2023

    The official story of the Nashville shooting does not add up

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    2 thoughts on “Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals”

    1. The trans peopel are suffering from Narcissism a personality disorder.
      The true identity and character of the narcissist is one they cannot and will not ever acknowledge, in any way.
      They manufacture a false identity of the exact opposite of the true one to replace the true identity of the narcissist.
      The problem is that they HATE the person they truly are and depend on the lies that they are the opposite.
      If anyone offers the truth to them they become violent and vengeful towards that person, overtly or secretly work to destroy that person in more covert, passive aggressive ways.
      Such as false accusations that the truth teller is a liar and Hater, who has injured them horribly.
      They make it their priority to project the evil true personality they despise and cannot recognize as their true self onto anyone who dares challenge their delusions with the truth.
      They accuse any person who does not believe their lies and false identity of HATE, and want to destroy and eliminate that person from existence.
      It is in reality a disorder of self-HATE.
      They project their self-hate onto any detractor of their delusions and lies.
      They only adore and accept other people who humor their delusions and (narcissistic supply) and give them assistance in their false identity beliefs, who validate their lies and delusions for them.

    2. That is the problem with these trans, they are all mental cases and usually were sexually molested as children, often by a parent.
      They come from families that bury the truth and have many deep dark secrets that are taboo subjects always kept hidden and never spoken of.
      Denial of the truth has been ingrained in them, as the right thing to do.
      Keeping up appearances trumps everything else especauilly the truth in their families.
      They really see the truth as Hate for that reason.
      They usually suffer from multiple mental disorders
      Self-hate, masked by a false persona (narcissism) and self-harm are common.
      They will always blame shift that self abuse onto anyone who dares approach them with the truth, or reality.
      Their delusions protect them from truths they cannot bear to have exposed or to even acknowledge as true.
      They are in total denial as if their very lives depend upon it.
      They are very deranged and sadly often it is terminal mental derangement and impossible to treat with psychotherapy, as most personality disorders are.
      It is very sad.
      They hate the truth so much,
      the truth about themselves they would kill someone or themselves to keep that truth hidden.

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