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GAB Social Media Is Adding Nearly ONE MILLION Users a Day – Traffic Adding Millions Every Few Hours as Users Flee Twitter Swamp

    Jim Hoft – Published January 11, 2021 at 6:45pm

    We are receiving several emails from our readers that they are not able to get on their Gab account today.
    Gab users suspected the platform was taken down by the anti-American tech giants.

    This may explain why– Gab is adding almost a million people a day right now. Gab traffic is adding millions every few hours. Conservatives are fleeing the Twitter swamp after they de-platformed the president of the United States.

    And Parler is working to restore service after the fascist tech giants colluded to put it out of business.

    Gab is ON FIRE!

    We are adding almost 1m people per day and site traffic is adding millions every few hours on top of that.

    Gab is the fastest growing website in the history of the internet.

    Please be patient as we work to scale with our small team and limited resources. (@getongab) January 11, 2021

    Twitter users are tired of the hypocrisy, abuse and lies.

    Jim Hoft

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