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Frontline Doctors Double Down On Hydroxychloroquine In Defiance of Big Tech Censorship

    Physicians fight back against social media giants and fake news

    Kelen McBreen | – July 28, 2020

    America’s Frontline Doctors held another White Coat Conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday after Monday’s gathering made national headlines and was censored by Big Tech.

    Monday’s press conference was seen over 17 million times before Facebook, Twitter and Google started to delete uploads of the event.

    President Trump and his son Donald Jr. both tweeted the video and Twitter deleted the president’s post and suspended Don Jr.’s account.

    Showing social media companies they won’t be silenced, the group spoke on the front steps of the Supreme Court again on Tuesday.

    One of the doctors even had her personal Facebook page shut down and the website was removed by website host SquareSpace.

    The Twitter account for conservative news outlet Breitbart was also locked, meaning they can no longer send out tweets.

    Dr. Stella Immanuel talked with a TMZ reporter after the conference, telling him Big Pharma is against using Hydroxychloroquine because, “Nobody makes money off a cheap, generic drug like HCQ.”

    President Trump was asked about the White Coat Conference during a Tuesday press briefing.

    As the social media giants work overtime to try and remove every upload of Dr. Immanuel’s testimony from Monday, has preserved the bombshell footage for your viewing pleasure.

    It was exactly what America needed to hear. The “White Coat Summit” of doctors explaining that they have easily cured COVID and there’s nothing to fear. So the technocracy in control of information censored them immediately, including Twitter who deleted a Trump tweet for the first time. THIS is what you should fear.

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