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From J6 to Twitter, this week will go down in HISTORY, EXPOSED! PRAY!

    And We Know – March 10th, 2023

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    ELISE STEFANIK: Do you believe the Hunter Biden laptop story is DISINFORMATION?

    Rep. Daniel Goldman (who bought a congressional seat) says “you cannot find actual evidence of any direct government censorship of lawful speech.”

    The fact that they are still attempting to indict Donald Trump after all these years tells you exactly how far over the target he really is

    Hillary Clinton says she is so inspired by the Ukranians and that we need to increase military aid: Including air support and long range missiles.


    Love his strength and assertiveness

    Unbelievable. Now I understand why Matt Taibbi was targeted years ago – it was preparing him for this moment when nothing will stop him standing up for the truth. So important. Thank you Matt. You are not standing alone.



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