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Four Babies Have Died due to Victorias’ Incompetence

    Sky News Australia – Oct 20, 2020

    Sky News host Paul Murray says the “failures of South Australian government” and the “incompetence of the Victorian government” has meant four babies have died.

    “Currently, if you have a baby that is born in this hospital in Adelaide and it has a problem with their heart, they can’t do anything for you,” Mr Murray said.

    “So you have to get sent to Sydney or you have to get sent to Melbourne.”

    Mr Murray said, due to the lockdowns in Melbourne, and the fact Sydney’s hospitals are under too much pressure looking after a majority of cases of children’s heart diseases, babies born in Adelaide with heart trouble have not been seen to, and as a result, “four babies have died”.

    “Four babies have died in the past month … because the women and children’s hospital in Adelaide does not have a cardiac unit.

    “This is something that, in a first class country like Australia, that the leading children’s hospital in a major state does not have this facility, is outrageous.

    “Think about the failure of the South Australian government to provide this facility, then think about the incompetence of the Victorian government that led to them not being able to use a facility that would have saved these children’s lives.”

    Sky News Australia

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