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Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

    EricDubay Published September 9, 2022

    Every day all over the world, millions of bright young minds are spending the best years of their lives being herded around by governments like cattle, responding to bells, whistles and other Pavlovian/Skinnerian conditioning. Millions of children are locked into this program Monday to Friday from 9-5 performing boring/arduous tasks against their will because society has deemed it necessary. Just like the workplace, only unquestioning compliance is rewarded and your only reprieves are snack breaks and lunch time, which are withheld from you like salivating dogs until the bell rings. Meanwhile you anxiously sit in rigid rows all facing the big boss and the blackboard, focused on fantasy objectives, conditioned to view other students as competitors and hindrances.

    Scientifically subjecting young children to factory-style seating, standardized testing, and government textbooks bring “order out of chaos,” and make for manageable populations. Modern schools create uniformity, while suppressing skepticism and creativity. They over-develop competitive spirit while undermining compassion and curiosity. They promote cliques, gangs, small group mentalities, and “small-picture” thinkers. Grading and testing procedures hinder “big-picture” understanding of any subject and force students to focus on more simple, gradable aspects. True education and mastery of the subjects at hand are not encouraged or even feasible. Students are merely required to memorize trivial information like names, dates, places, events etc. just long enough to regurgitate for standardized multiple-choice tests. Then after examination, the trivial info stored in their short-term memory disappears along with their superficial understandings of each subject.

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    1. “Modern schools create uniformity, while suppressing skepticism and creativity.” They don’t merely “suppress” it, they actively punish any who question their crap. Crap which is both wrong and at least 30 years out of date.The good thing is that standing out in the corridor is not a punishment but a pleasure.

      Muruwah PJ Lang
      ” ..When I was studying in England, we had to go to the town’s central library to look up things in a decent set of encyclopedias. Now the knowledge can come to you. Of course, at that time you knew that Encyclopedia Britannica employed the world’s most knowledgeable men and women to write their articles, now you have to trust that the article you are reading is not written by some idiot with an axe to grind, some government hiding past crimes, or worse, some company hack promoting a blatant lie in order to sell some product.
      What I envisage is training and education, teaching our children to read and write and sing, but more importantly teaching them to think. A classical education, where Sophocles and Jefferson are the reading material, not Batman and the Simpsons. Where lessons are debates and discussions, not memorisation and mindless repetition, and if the whole day or week is devoted to contemplating why Caesar was prohibited from crossing the Rubicon, and why he did it anyway, then perhaps we will maintain a society where civility and good manners rule, rather than fear and greed.
      It is a dream, but a worthwhile dream.”
      As the months passed, Matt found himself not only agreeing with the President’s ideas but actually wanting to share in the lives that they were creating. He saw why keeping Bujumali city somewhat unpleasant and encouraging the people to stay in the villages made sense. The other answer of course was to make life in the villages as pleasant as possible. “

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