The Corporate Propaganda Antidote Published March 13, 2021

Researcher and friend of humanity Crrow777 returns to SGT Report to expose the rulers of the darkness of this world.

Here’s the links we discuss in the interview:
Crrow777 Radio Episode 275 with Agent J:

Important Follow-Up with KL Episode 285:
(The download for subs folder is in the FIRST comment on the full show when logged in)

Another guest worth mentioning on the topic of declination is Lena Pu – a slightly different approach with a Notice of Liability, which is a conditional acceptance. She created a 27-page labor of love that can be used as a template for vaccines, 5G, etc. Episode 260:
Here website is – she was working with Cal Washington’s In Power Movement (Episode 148) – – both organizations are following the same path.

The Corporate Propaganda Antidote


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