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FEMA Whistleblower – Camps for Dissent & The Next 5G Pandemic – SECRET FEMA Documents

mariazeee – 12th Jan, 2023

JD (name changed to protect his identity) is a long-standing FEMA employee and Whistleblower exposing the true intention of the quarantine camps being used in future for dissent, government’s plan to kill off the population, and intel suggesting a pandemic in the near future caused by a 5G attack according to secret FEMA documents he has accessed.

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1 thought on “FEMA Whistleblower – Camps for Dissent & The Next 5G Pandemic – SECRET FEMA Documents”

  1. In February they will turn on the 5G as a weapon of destruction, of all life around it.
    Including your military, hospitals and schools, children, animals, birds, insects, and all trees and plante.
    When they are bleeding from every orifice, and dying quickly: it comes from 5G, it is a gencidal weapon, quiet weapons for silent Wars from the MOSSAD, that is the beginning of a war that will kill Billions.
    Then an even worse disease will come, an Ebola crossed with flesh eating bacteria disease care of Fauci.
    It will come from parasites in the water, air, medicines and food.
    The FEMA Camps are for Project Pogo and Project Zhphr

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