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Fear Mongering: MSNBC/NBC Contributor Lied About Having COVID

    Virologist/epidemiologist appeared on national television over ten times

    Source: Kelen McBreen | – July 10, 2020

    Mainstream media contributor and virologist Dr. Joseph Fair has been caught lying about contracting COVID-19 during multiple appearances on national television.

    The NBC and MSNBC contributor discussed his alleged recovery from the virus in nearly 12 interviews.

    Despite acknowledging on Tuesday that his COVID diagnosis was only “suspected,” and he ultimately tested negative for the virus and for antibodies, an interview posted by Meet The Press which claims Fair had COVID-19 remains on Twitter.

    “Joining me now [is] virologist Joseph Fair, who recently recovered from COVID-19 himself,” Chuck Todd said during the June 14 broadcast.

    Fair explained that despite being a fairly healthy 42-year-old, he “was shocked at how severe my illness got without having those underlying conditions.”

    At the time of the Meet The Press interview, Fair had tested negatively for COVID at least five times, according to a tweet he wrote on May 15.

    “Every time I get a negative, I’m thrilled and think I had something else like flu. But, my docs still think COVID,” he wrote.

    Nearly two months later, Fair still never tested positive for coronavirus, writing on Twitter Tuesday, “My undiagnosed/suspected COVID illness from nearly 2 months ago remains an undiagnosed mystery as a recent antibody test was negative.”

    “I had myriad COVID symptoms, was hospitalized in a COVID ward & treated for COVID-related co-morbidities, despite testing negative by nasal swab,” he continued

    Despite acknowledging multiple times that he’d never tested positive for COVID-19, Fair hit the mainstream media circuit to appear on segments with titles like, “Doctor With COVID-19 Believes He Got It Through His Eyes,” and “NBC News Contributor Provides Update On Coronavirus Recovery.”

    Multiple videos showing Fair pretending to have coronavirus on national television can be found below.

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