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FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna & Fauci’s employees exempt from vaccine mandate

    Jim_Crenshaw – December 4th, 2021

    Source: Fat News. They are exempted from being killed. How nice.

    2 thoughts on “FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna & Fauci’s employees exempt from vaccine mandate”

    1. The final end is coming.

      They may be exempt, but that does not mean they will not pay for their crimes.
      They will suffer all they caused humanity, for eternity in HELL.

      The economy will totally collapse and there will never be a money system allowed on earth ever again.

      The devil’s time and his power=MONEY and LIES are up now.

      The crash and loss of infrastructure, blackouts will arrive between October 22 and February.
      Money and precious metals and digital crypto currencies will all be worthless.
      Buying silver will do you no good, it will not protect you from what is coming.
      Food and water and Faith in God is all you will need.
      What is coming is much worse than you know.
      WW3 will begin in February and end in February
      Then the evil even worse begins, the antichrist beast image worshiping, the Mark of the beast

      You will all have between March and May, to choose between God and the devil.

      Just as the wealthy have already chosen the devil and his money.
      When they diem, their demons leave them and go into another soulless body but once their allotted time on earth is gone, their spirits/consciousness, is taken by something so horrible, that they leave screaming in terror when they see it, then they are lost forever from God.
      It will be the same for anyone who takes the mark of the beast.

      The more wealthy a person is on earth, the worse his Hell will be in the afterlife.
      They are selfish, selfishness is not Christian or Christ like.
      The more selfish a person is, and therefore the more wealthy they are, the less they are with God.
      The elite and wealthy and all freemasons already belong to the devil.
      There is nothing of God in them. They are already devolved into psychopaths and will become demons in Hell. They will all burn here on earth before they leave.
      They are already of Hell and the devil by hoarding rather than sharing their wealth.
      They are sadistic, cowardly and insane.
      The soldiers and police who serve them will all become transhuman and lose their souls and any connection to God.
      They will terrorize the earth during and after WW3.
      You will see them burn before they leave for eternity in Hell.
      Blessed are the poor, they will inherit the kingdom of God, they will know that all you need is God, nothing else.
      When the devil loses his power, everything will change.
      The sun will go out in May and the Black Sun will arrive, the entire earth will become lifeless and dead, and totally dark, except for those who have eternal life in Christ Jesus.
      Then a new world will be created and Jesus will return for his children.
      For those who never left him.
      For those who did not worship the devil and believe his lies.
      For those who did not worship his lies that money, gold and metals, were valuable, and were to be worshiped as God, in place of God. For those who rejected his evil plans and his continual lies that his science and technology were Good and could replace God and his LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, eternal HAPPINESS and JOY.

      The worse thing that is coming before the end, is the new weapons that are microwave and Laser, they cook people from the inside out, they will have smoke coming out of their bodies, if they don’t die they will suffer burns internal and external that are painful and cause total damage to their health. The worst thing will be the transhuman soldiers from Russia and China and the UN, who have no souls, and are totally controlled by AI and demons, with no souls, no conscience and demonically possessed, they are
      complete psychopathic demons and you will know about the cattle mutilations and what kind of thing could do that to a living creature.

      In the end everyone will choose the antichrist and his mark of the beast,
      as a way out of the suffering, except the children of God.
      The real evil is not Francis it is pope Benedict giving the orders, He is satan, Francis is just satan’s lap dog. The real devil like to remain hidden behind the curtain, so they do not get caught or blamed or ever suffer any consequences.

      They eat people, and the Gov has been supplying them with all the “missing people” and children since the treaty with Eisenhower, 1956. Bill Cooper spoke about it, and others look it up. Or look here:
      The richer and more powerful a person is, the higher they are in Freemasonry, all billioneres and those they can make most use of to serve satan become Illuminati, 33 degree masons.
      They are the most evil, the wealthier they get, the more powerful they are, the more evil satanic black magic they practice. The more possessed they are by demons. At the top they are possessed by the fallen angels of Hell themselves. WW4 will be when the demonic entities from Hell come in spacecraft. Humans will be herded like cattel after they devolve from 5G, vaXXX and transhumanism into zombies. Then they will be sold off as FOOD. They use humans as sacrifical victims in their satanic ceeremonies and they drink the blood while they are still live. They remove the pineal gland (walnut sause) and eat it while the person is still alive. The military keeps people in cages, especailly children to supply them with food. WACO happened because the Branch Dividians discovered the children in cages at a nearby military base. They were shut up, just like President Kennedy and also Marilyn Monroe, before they could speak. That is what the CIA and MOSSAD really do. IN exchange all the technology we have that pales in compareson to what they have, was given to us, for the blood of children for adrenochrome.

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