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Fauci The Fraud

    America’s biggest fearmonger exposed

    Jon Bowne | – August 10, 2020

    Dr. Fauci, a would be dictator of the new normal, has used the Coronavirus, which he openly predicted in 2017, to freeze the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans.

    Based on a cocktail of arrogance, D.C. privilege, and fraud. Fauci has declared masks are forever. Hand shakes are a thing of the past. And hydroxychloroquine is useless against Covid-19.

    All of this as the Coronavirus weakens. Fauci’s motives and directives have made it clear that he is the face man and the key for the success of an emerging New World Order system.

    Where we are all vaccinated and tracked like animals as our technocratic social media scores determine whether we live or die.

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