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FAKE PANDEMIC 101 with Dr. Larry Palevsky

    Death to the New World Order – September 20th, 2021

    In countless ways they have engineered this fake pandemic and it didn’t happen overnight it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book, every time the people Force change in One Direction they already have the rest of the book written out in their favor. Even while we all know that none of this is legitimate and it’s all about murdering people and taken away freedom, they continue to do it they are like bank robbers, stealing and everything in plain sight in front of everyone with the police standing by inside the bank watching them, but doing nothing. There is good news a couple videos down on my channel a mayor and health official have been arrested in Brazil in relation to the fake pandemic Maybe we’re starting to turn the ship around but even if we do expect that they have planned for that and maybe they will just blow up a hospital and say that you did it that’s how it works so you better be ready to wage a protracted War because it’s that or submission. Death to the New World Order
    Harry Link is the UNDECEIVABLE thorn in the side of the evil New World Order wielding the gift of discernment for decades slaying dragons and demanding that you do the same.

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    Death to the New World Order

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