It’s purely un-American hysterical disinformation that fuels this kind of far-left violence

Jon Bowne – October 11th 2020

It is purely UN-American hysterical disinformation that fuels what transpired at a Denver Communists led soup Drive for the homeless in Denver Colorado over the weekend. A drive that should have been appropriately titled a hurl soup cans at patriots and defunded police event. And as a BLM mental patient hurled threats and insults at patriots. A patriot appeared to defend himself with pepper spray after the gun from a reported 9 News bodyguard had been drawn. Then a point blank shot rang out killing the patriot.

Just so we are clear America. Patriotic Americans aren’t merely being shot in cold blood by Marxists supported by the Democratic party and the Democratic candidates running for the highest office in the land. The liberal 9 News Denver media, hell bent on poisoning the masses with propaganda has now become the center of an investigation where the life of an American citizen was snuffed out in broad daylight by a mockingbird media goon.

Jon Bowne


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