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European Royals Killing Naked Children For Fun at Human Hunting Parties

    ThebigawakeningQ – April 21st, 2023

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    1 thought on “European Royals Killing Naked Children For Fun at Human Hunting Parties”

    1. The jews used their wars (all wars are preplanned and controlled by the jewish illuminati bankers) to cause economic devastation, and intentional ruin the economies, in order to carry out their infiltration.
      They used the world wars ro destroy the fortunes of the British and European royals.
      Then they paid the royals money they desperately needed only if they would marry the jewish daughters of wealthy jews. These jewish wives, then had children secretly with jewsih men.
      That way the jews took over the Royal families, all of them by marriage and illegitimate children.
      They replaced the Royal families with jews. Any child born of a jewish mother is born a jew with no soul, a psychopath from birth. Like Winston Churchill, born demonically possessed.
      Only gentile children have souls.
      That is why the totally jewish royals hunt gentile children.
      Jews hate us because we have souls, we have Jesus. They have satan only.
      They killed Jesus for their master satan.
      They HATE, everything and everyone including themselves.
      They go directly to Hell after they die.
      In Hell it is all and only HATE and FEAR, the only motivating emotions that jews possess.
      jews have no conscience, the evil they are capable of doing is unlimited.
      They believe evil is good and good is evil and right is wrong and wrong is right,
      All jews are satanists because satan is their master deity.
      What the jews do and how they live is exactly the way HELL is.
      They will never know God, Jesus or what Love is.
      They see breaking all the 10 commandments of God as the right way to live.
      They see all venial sins: lust, sloth, anger, pride/vanity, gluttony, envy and greed as good.
      They see violence, cruelty, torture, imposing one’s will on another, more weak and helpless as the way to exist. There is nothing of freedom or equality in them. They are all about lying, stealing and killing.
      They could never cooperate as free and equal beings, they seek only to dominate and control and destroy all competition. Hell is their idea of a Utopia. Satan is their ideal they aspire to emmulate.
      They hate God, and everything and everyone that is of God.
      They have no ethics, morals or standards, no christian values or traditions.
      They seek to make the gentile world first atheist, and then, as satanic as they are.
      As per Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini about the 3 world wars, towards achieving the Jew world order.
      All jews are never monogamous, and usually illegitimate within marriages and also the same with freemasons. Freemasonry is totally jewish owned and run by the wealthiest jews: those who are possessed just by demons from Hell from birth, but the illuminati jews who are possessed by the fallen angels of Hell by birth: the Royals and the Bankers.
      They have a Top fallen angel called the Pindar.
      Prince Charles’ father is the present Pindar. His father is SATAN.

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