THE_HIGH_COMMAND – February 8th, 2021.

Brilliant Mercer Law School Attorney Lin Wood KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING when he published the Mike Pence Warning MEMO mailed by News Reporter/FBI witness Timothy Charles Holmseth to AG Jeff Sessions to alert Donald J. Trump about a world-wide cabal of child traffickers.
And now…things are happening.
According to Toronto Police Department, Gerald Brummell, the Canadian man who claims to have evidence regarding Jeffrey Epstein and a $68 Billion money transfer to the Toronto Union Bank, and who has continuously contacted the news reporter (Timothy Charles Holmseth) for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and threatened him with prison and rape, has been ARRESTED in Canada.
Brummell was a semi-frequent guest on the ABEL DANGER (subsequently The Field Report) program which was hosted by Boeing /911 Whistleblower Field McConnell, Wisconsin.
In 2019, McConnell began officially releasing evidence and information about the child trafficking activities of a family attorney from Broward County, Florida named Kim Lowry Picazio. Kim L. Picazio and her convicted felon husband Michael James Picazio had been outed as “baby brokers” by Hillary Clinton-associate Wayanne Kruger, Arizona, during interviews Kruger did with investigative news reporter Timothy Charles Holmseth, Minnesota.
Wayanne Kruger detailed a massive operation that involved moving babies and children through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC. Kruger detailed the activities of Kim L. Picazio’s trafficking partner, John Regan, who identified himself as “CIA” and “FBI”. Timothy Holmseth provided the details surrounding John Regan to Special Agent A.J. Eilerman, FBI, in 2010 during interviews at the federal courthouse in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
In 2019, Hillary Clinton’s former security detail Craig (Sawman) Sawyer, Veterans For Child Rescue, Arizona, who has been accused of being a “pedophile” and “human trafficker” contacted Field McConnell and warned McConnell to stop supporting Timothy Charles Holmseth, to no avail.
In the fall of 2019, Field McConnell was falsely arrested in Wisconsin per a felony Arrest Warrant issued out of Florida based upon wildly ridiculous claims made by Kim Lowry Picazio that she was scared of McConnell.
In 2021, the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force revealed the mysterious “John Regan” was in fact one and the same as “Bob Hamer” who serves on the Board of Advisors for Craig Sawyer’s V4CR. Hamer’s bio says he plays a pedophile, NAMBLA member, contract killer, and international drug trafficker (exactly what Holmseth was told by multiple witnesses and described to the FBI). Sawyer has issued written death threats against Timothy Holmseth which included threats that Timothy Holmseth’s child was going to be taken to Fort Campbell Army Base and raped by a dog while filmed.
Pentagon Pedophile Task Force possesses EMAILS and other electronically transmitted evidence the PROVES Brummell (a Canadian) was in extensive secret communications with Kim Lowry Picazio, Field McConnell’s lawyer, Florida Attorney Howard Sohn, and others in the judicial community, as they attempted to broker a secret ‘plea deal’ (EXTORTION) for Field McConnell that would see McConnell set free if McConnell would file a false criminal complaint against Timothy Holmseth to the FBI.
In 2021, Attorney Lin Wood published a MEMO that Timothy Holmseth mailed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the dangers of VP Mike Pence and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Holmseth detailed the massive child trafficking and torture being staged out of the United States.
STAY TUNED for more information because there is MUCH TO COME on this developing story.



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