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Ep. 2398b – [DS] Revealed How They Rigged The Election, Assets In Place, Wait For It..

    X22 Report Published February 7, 2021

    The patriots have now allowed the [DS]/MSM do exactly what need to be done, they explained how they rigged the elections. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves. They believe they are in control so they let their egos take over. The [DS] understands that Trump is a threat and Trump is not on SM or making any moves, game theory.

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    2 thoughts on “Ep. 2398b – [DS] Revealed How They Rigged The Election, Assets In Place, Wait For It..”

    1. What is most astounding to me is the rhetoric propounded today by Constitutional Scholars, experts, attorneys and justice commentators arguing that the Senate Impeachment Trial is unconstitutional based upon the fact that the Constitution does not provide for the impeachment of a “private citizen”, rather than showing that the Article of Impeachment is an ADMISSION that the Congressional Members know that President Trump won the 2020 Election. The Legislators KNOW that the Election, the Certification of Electoral College Votes, Inauguration and all of the Executive Power asserted since January the 20th is void where it is based on a fraudulent vote count including foreign interference, just as President Trump said in his speech on January the 6th. Until President Trump or his Legal Representatives concede, he IS the President of these United States, for fraud vitiates everything it touches under the Law of this country. The Election is not decided until an Audit is conducted to discover the true Will of the People, by ruling out the fraud. Some States are still working on the finding of the true vote in their elections and litigation is still pending in several cases against States where re-counts, investigations, audits and then destruction of election related documentation in further violation of the Constitution, Federal and State Law. It seems that only the Democrats, RINO’S, and Marxist sympathizers are now willing to admit that President Trump is still our President where he has not conceded and the True Vote has not yet been found, as is evidenced by the need for an Article Of Impeachment and Trial to remove him from Office, rather than bringing federal criminal charges against a “private citizen former President”, which is now what the Conservatives are arguing, universally approved by the very same voices that have consistently insisted that he won the Election since November the 3rd. Flipping the script and abandoning the basic premise of the entire controversy, the Election Riggers are actually moving correctly to impeach the True President because they know he won, and, the scholarly Constitutionalists are coming to plead the case that President Trump is NOT our President so he cannot be impeached. THIS TRIAL IS A TRAP and the Elected Representatives arguing this procedural matter serves as a CONCESSION. If the President’s “Legal” Counsel make a general appearance arguing the unconstitutional impeachment of a “Former” President in this “Trial”, they will be conceding the victory to Joe Biden, and, we, the disenfranchised voters will be finally and completely screwed out of our votes. The lawyers can appear under restricted or special appearance to show honor to the MISGUIDED process initiated in the House and coming to the Senate as the President’s counsel, but, they must reserve OUR RIGHT to discovery and judicial or military finding on the underlying merits -the FRAUD- that brought the whole ordeal TO FRUITION. Please stop calling President Trump the “former” President. That is a concession! I’m willing to bet that the bots and trolls are gathering these expert pronouncements of “Donald Trump the Private Citizen” making recordings to play at the sham Trial as our Admissions that Joe won this Election! Dang! I can hardly believe what I am hearing today. Not only is it absurd, it is dangerous!

    2. Throughout the first Impeachment Hoax, Democrats told the World that they were set out to remove President Trump from Office “by any means necessary”, because, they said, “If we do not impeach him, Americans will re-elect him in November.”.
      They had Hunter’s laptop and Wiener’s laptop at that time.
      They had to change the House Rules on what constituted direct evidence in order to parade The Village People out in front of the World, unabashedly seeking to put Our President’s Head on the tip of a spear for the World to see, demonstrating the Power of Political Thuggery.
      Nancy got on TV to brag about more arrows in her quiver, and, the mantra repeated around the clock that President Trump was a dangerous man. Innocent people died as cities burned in peaceful protest, and, the Democrat Congressional Leaders took time away from their emergency Intelligence Committee work, donned in Kente Cloth Scarves, to kneel in solidarity with the weaponized Marxist Social Justice “Cause” against Police and to shame everyone who refused to kneel … acting, pandering, bullying, mocking, and, pointing to Our President and his supporters as the culprits while publicly encouraging the continuation of civil unrest.
      Tens of thousands of people and businesses suffered devastating losses.
      They lost at Trial but they gained significant ground in the War with the help of media and Hollywood incessantly repeating the scandalous assertions, opinions, and allegations based upon the newly revised direct (hearsay) evidence rule and the ghost whistleblower everybody should believe on faith that Adam wouldn’t lie.
      Then came the Virus, Our President’s response to the Virus and the demonization of everything he said and did in an attempt to protect us and bring the People together the way Americans would normally react to a disaster. But, the Marxists would have nothing of that! That would be the worst thing to have happen! The Virus could be politically weaponized through fear mongering, however, and, so much more could be done with it to further the re-working of societal norms where fear trumps rational thought, with the help of media again, using a scripted narrative repeated incessantly and censorship of any voice opposed. Goodbye Bill Of Rights and individual human rights.
      American People rallied for Our President in cars, boats, Big Rigs, on motorcycles and on foot, when he was there or not. The Constitutional Patriots showed up by the tens of thousands for President Trump’s Campaign for re-election. Just as the Congressional lIntelligence” Committee warned, “The American voters would re-elect him in November.”
      The Democrats clearly saw, as the World’s People rallied with Trump Flags, their “candidate” was a big loser, but, they were stuck with him. They used the Virus as an excuse to keep him in the background throughout the DNC/MSM-run Presidential Campaign (“Orange Man Bad” as the platform), where the racketeering and thuggery was “justified” under the “by any means necessary” rule propounded by the Democrat Legislators as their duty under their Oaths Of Office. This is what their Oaths mean to them. Now, we know. They used their “Oaths” as justification in an attempt to overturn our votes in the 2016 Election, while hijacking the House and Senate Floors to convict Our President for the very crime they were openly committing – using the power of their Offices to attack a political rival candidate in an Election year.
      They used the Virus to change the rules on the November Election and caused chaos and confusion to obstruct monitoring, rendering the Election void due to fraud and pressured Our President to concede so that their flagrant loser could claim the manufactured win.
      That did not work, either. Our President would not help them to pretend that they won.
      Media took center stage. Behind the curtain were the organizers of an army of bad actors willing to dress up now in Trump Gear and carry American Flags to breach barriers set up around the Capitol Building and set off an uprising in the middle of a Patriotic and celebratory gathering of concerned disfranchised voters looking to Congressional Representatives to uphold their Oaths of Office and actually uphold federal laws protecting free and fair Elections, the very foundation of Our Republic. After the building was secured and America watched the televised replays of violence in a loop, our Vice President took the knee, (and accepted a Gold Coin in the palm of his hand), after he “certified” the non-certifiable Electoral College votes from the States that were CLEARLY RIGGED. State Legislators, Secretary’s of States, Election Officials, Governors, Justices, Judges, and, almost every Congressional Representative took the knee in solidarity with the Marxists who openly overthrew America’s True Vote. Censorship, banning, demonizing and shaming escalated exponentially. It was already perverse, but, suddenly – it was Red State Communism policing every thought and dictating which voices could be heard and repeated. The disfranchised Voters became the criminals overnight. This became The News while the witnesses and evidence of the steal could only be found by chasing down rabbit holes on more obscure media outlets scurrying around to find a platform for truth where they could actually speak. The Democrat-Republican-Marxists had conquered the advantage on the ground and in cyberspace counting on the Patriot’s weakness expressed by love of God and country, and, support for law and order.
      The Democrats need concession because they know that they stole this Election, and, Our President and we the Patriots have not and will not concede. This is why they must Impeach again. With no concession they know they are not in power. When we won’t concede they must Impeach.
      This is why I believe that any “appearance” made by Representatives of Our President at the Senate Impeachment Trial should be made under “restricted” or “special” appearance where the accusing “prosecutors” are admitting that President Trump is still our President by initiating and prosecuting impeachment proceedings. If they believed that they won this Election, they would have supported, not objected, to audits and investigations, and, they would bring federal criminal charges against him and other speakers as private citizens. What better way would there be “to rub our noses in” the punishment of our independent rational thought and American Patriotism than to show us that all of our old fashioned participation, volunteering, and patriotic celebrations is a losing strategy, a Lost Cause? Jurisdiction is the only defense for this Trial. As tempting as it is to defend the merits of the underlying (election fraud) case, the lawyers should not do it, for in doing so, they have conceded jurisdiction where no jurisdiction exists. The merits of the case can be discussed another day. This Trial is an attempt to trick or to bully any kind of concession. It is a trap. I am praying that not one word or phrase comes from any of Our President’s attorneys giving credence to this sham Trial.
      Thank you for listening.

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