X22 Report Published November 19, 2020

The [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in, the evidence is now pouring out and RG and SP are presenting more and more facts and truth. This is not about Rs vs Ds, this is about the American people, this is about how the [DS]/[CB] has stolen our right to vote.The Dominion Execs are now on the run. Back in 2012 Trump sent a message, future really does prove past. The patriots are preparing to take down the entire [DS] system, the people will no longer be divided, this will bring the people closer together, the [DS] will try to stop the people uniting.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

X22 Report

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Reg Sappie · 24 November 2020 at 3:47 PM

This calls for a Parody on “Strangers in the Night”

Ballots in the night
Exchanging Winners
Ballots in the night
What were the chances?
We’d be stealing Votes
Before the night was through

Something in your lies
Was so exciting
Something in your smile
Was so deceiving
Something in my black heart
Told me I must do this

Ballots in the night
The Dem’s bad Party
We were Ballots in the night
Had Dominion to get it started

Little did we know that Sid was just a glance away
And Rudy would come dancing too

Ever since that night
We’ve been together
Never thought we’d be
Doing Time together

It turned out so right
For Trump’s Team in the night
They caught us in the night <

Go Kraken Go (Y)
by Reg Sappie

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