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Ep. 2329a – World Leaders Take Sides On The Reset, Patriots Fighting Back

    X22report – November 15th, 2020.

    The [DS][CB] plan has been accelerated, the [DS] has taken the bait and they are moving forward with their ultimate plan, the reset which will control the world. Trump and the patriots can clearly see who are apart of the [DS] and who are not. The World Leaders are now taking sides.

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    1 thought on “Ep. 2329a – World Leaders Take Sides On The Reset, Patriots Fighting Back”

    1. Funny how over the years all of this was called “Conspiracy Theory.” Now it’s out in the open and they even have websites detailing their plan. But many who stand against communism and darkness have warned of this new ‘Tower of Babel’ plan for decades.

      In the preface of his book “The Number of Man – The Culmination of Human History,” (1910) Philip Mauro states that as he examined the great religious and economic movements in progress throughout the world. Mauro observed that “Human society the world over is stirred today as it has not been stirred since the time it was split up into separate nations, tongues and tribes; and this remarkable and simultaneous activity of all sections of the human family is easily the most noticeable characteristic of the day.”

      Mauro states that “Instead of being engaged in studying a group of different and conflicting movements, he was in fact observing various phases of a single movement…which is worldwide in its influence and operation…..throughout the whole world wherever human societies exist…there has suddenly occurred the simultaneous uprising of mysterious forces, under whose potent influence even communities that have been stagnant throughout the whole Christian era, are throwing off their lethargy, are putting themselves in motion, under a common impulse and are pressing eagerly and enthusiastically in a common direction.”

      What is Mauro speaking of?
      Answer: He is saying that just in the past when nations rose up against The Lord and said “let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth,” (Genesis 11:4) So too for many decades mankind has been under the influence of the evil one working by a common force toward a common goal:


      What Mauro saw happening over 100 years ago is now out in the open! They even have websites telling us what their plans are!!

      *THAT is why Donald Trump, the USA, American Exceptionalism, personal liberties, and yes, Christians and Christian values MUST BE ELIMINATED! WE ARE STANDING IN THEIR WAY!!!!
      *THAT is why Q has said “Nothing can stop what is coming!”
      *This IS a worldwide phenomenon as Mauro stated and now the world IS ready for the Anti Christ!!!!

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