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El Salvador transfers MS13 to their new MEGA PRISON (Largest Prison in the Americas) to rot!

MAGAlionHAT – February 27th, 2023

For the first time in generations, the guys on the Left aren’t in charge, the guys on the Right are, and they are tough on crime. Especially on MS13, the most sadistic and violent gang in the Americas. Known for raping, torturing, butchering and murdering entire families, often people who weren’t gang members and did absolutely nothing to transgress against them before being victimized. MS13 held El Salvador hostage for years. That shit ends now.

El Salvador put these scumbags in their place, broke them to behave. They’re being transferred to a new terrorist super prison to be housed. MS13 cannot be around other inmates. They have “join us or we kill you” moto that turned prisons with some MS13 gang members into prisons full of MS13. Now they have their own prison, where they are isolated from other inmates and the country, like the terrorists they are. It goes to show being tough on crime and having an iron-fist will indeed break the criminal element. Good for El Salvador!

Only a few years ago, El Salvador didn’t have the money to fight the MS13 gang problem, and their currency was being devalued by runaway inflation controlled by the IMF. The IMF and US wouldn’t give them a loan to fight this gang, a gang that originated in Los Angeles and quickly infested El Salvador after the US deported large swaths of the MS13 gang members there.

That all changed when El Salvador decided to make ₿itcoin ‘Legal Tender’. Soon they had the money needed to fight these gangs and through massive crackdowns they reduced their violent crime by 95%, bringing tourism (and their ₿itcoins) back to El Salvador.

The media and the international left are working hard to fight El Salvador for doing this. They want violent gangs to run the country. They want control of their currency. They want to keep El Salvador under their thumb. El Salvador wants to be free and safe.

Amnesty International, which claims to support “human rights,” had nothing to say while thousands of people were murdered by gangs in El Salvador. Now that @nayibbukele has ENDED homicide in his country for nearly a year, they are outraged. This organization is sick! El Salvador now has the lowest homicide rate in Latin America.

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