EricDubay Published April 5, 2022

In the heliocentric model, Earth is just one of 8 “planets” in our “solar system,” all of which are said to be huge spherical Earth-like habitations or globular gas giants millions of miles away. They claim the Earth under our feet along with these 7 other planets all revolve concentric circles/ellipses around the Sun – hence the term “heliocentric.” The previously prevailing “geocentric” model had placed the Earth as the immovable center of the universe with the Sun, Moon, stars and “planets” all revolving around us, just as they appear. In the heliocentric model, however, which would be more appropriately titled the “Acentric” model, the Sun is only the center of our “solar system,” while itself supposedly simultaneously revolving 500,000 mph spirals around the “Milky Way galaxy” which itself is constantly shooting 670,000,000 mph away from an alleged “Big Bang” creationary explosion at the beginning of time!


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