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Dutch National Museum “moon rock” found to be nothing more than petrifed wood.

    Jim Crenshaw – August 18th, 2022

    I would say the very last thing the fraudsters at NASA would want anyone to do would be to open up a box of fake “moon rocks” and have anyone do anything with them. Certainly not test them in any way. The “moon rocks” like everything else about the fake moon landings need to be erased, lost, buried, kept secret etc..Of course they could “test” them internally with some bullshit scientists and come up with another fake story. I don’t see that happening because they need these stories to die (or people like me to die).

    I can just hear NASA calling the museum “We told you not to test that rock! We told you just to believe bullshit like the other fools do!” “This is why we wont let you Dutch play in our fake space station with a fake astro-nots in the swimming pool with the green screens!”

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