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Drones spraying who knows what down on the streets in China pureblood – November 27th, 2022

    1 thought on “Drones spraying who knows what down on the streets in China”

    1. Spray UV Ink so that all breaking the lockdown and taking part in illegal protests can be easily identified and re-educated.
      However, the Chinese government is petrified of the US using biological weapons (which have been designed to attack only Sino-genotype individuals) in the war against China.
      China knows that such weapons exist and can be deployed in any number of ways.
      They know that US system and power is dying and that the US will do anything and everything to delay the inevitable and then to take down everything with them.
      At some point China will acknowledge the reasons for these lockdowns with proof of the weapons and plan, and the anger of the people (world-wide) will turn against the US and a shooting war will result.

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