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Dr Shiva – The Elite Have Enslaved Us In Their Illusion, It’s Time To Take Back The Country

    X22 Report Published December 12, 2020

    Today’s Guest: Dr. Shiva

    Website: VA Shiva

    Dr. Shiva created email at the age of 14 in Newark, NJ and has 4 degrees from MIT. 1 degree is a PHD in biological engineering. Dr Shiva begins the discussion with the pandemic. He says the elite are pushing fake science to keep us in fear. Masks don’t work and Fauci is a quack. The election process is not one vote one person, its an algorithm the elite created to control the election process. The elite have given us an illusion of freedom and it is now time to take back this country.

    All source links to the report can be found on the site.

    Dr. Shiva

    X22 Report

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