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Dr. Nathan Thompson Tests Patient’s Immune System after Each Jab

    TruthVideos1984 – October 4th, 2021

    The results are troubling.

    Dr. Thompson’s website:


    2 thoughts on “Dr. Nathan Thompson Tests Patient’s Immune System after Each Jab”

    1. Dr. Thompson-it isn’t just people who have been fully vaxed who have this very troubling outcome. It is also people who have loved ones fully vaxed-in residence with other family members who refuse to comply. I am the latter.

      7 days after my sister became fully vaxed-I became deathly I’ll with Covid-19. I survived. I got better. And now I have autoimmune disease which at first we thought was fibromyalgia. Except it didn’t stop there. I developed a red bumpy circular rash on both elbows post Covid. I saw a dermatologist who identified this rash as autoimmune.

      Shortly afterwards, I presented in urgent care with the most horrific pain I had ever experienced in my nose and on my cheek and jaw. I was told by the attending physician that I have trigeminal neuralgia. I am now being tested to see if what we believed was fibromyalgia is in fact a degradation of myelin sheath widespread.

      I am sharing this, because I want others to know. That ‘vaccine’ is not a bloody vaccine. Vaccines do NOT do this. Not to the host receiving it-and not to the people said host then exhales upon.

      I DID NOT CONSENT. Yet I am now crippled by it anyway. Warn others. Keep speaking out. Under no circumstances should this vile horrific little Petri dish experiment be perpetrated upon our children. If it did this to me-a once healthy active adult—and it happened to me just because a member of my family was double jabbeed and I breathed what they exhaled—what will it do to a child who is injected with it directly into their veins?

    2. So, you saw the percent and number of CD8 killer cells increase. Yes, these do have the job of searching out and destroying virus infected cells. However, shouldn’t this be a logical consequence after vaccination for the following reason? First, searching the National Library of Medicine for explanations regarding “how” the current RNA vaccines work, it is my understanding, that the Pfizer vaccine injects spike proteins (not the virus) into the individual. Through some mechanism, the spike protein enters various cells I presume randomly. This in turn causes the internal cell components called Toll Like Receptors (which are on the watch for viruses) to grab onto the spike protein and then display it (or part of it) on the outside of the cell wall. This functions as a red flag telling all immune cells – Hey guys, I’ve been attacked by this virus. This red flag is technically called an “antigen” which can be seen by other immune cells. Since the cell has now been labeled as infected (with the spike antigen), other cells will attack it such as CD8 cells. In fact, we have cells called antigen presenting cells (such as stationary dendritic cells and macrophages) that can also read (touch) the spike antigen and pass the info to Helper T-cells -which then increases output of their warrior lymphocyte CD8 cells (the ones you saw increase). Our B-cells are another type of lympocyte told to increase (by the Helper T cells). So, my interpretation of this scenario is that CD8 cells increase as a natural response to wanting to destroy any cells that were been infected with the spike protein from the vaccine. Therefore, it could be considered acceptable loses that our body cells infected with the initial spike protein vaccination are eliminated – as this is the only way that we can then develop a significant number of CD8 killer cells and antibody producing B lymphocytes for removing any “real” coronavirus invaders in the future..

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