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Dr. Jonathan Reed – Alien Encounter

    benthejrporter – October 7th, 2020

    A HPANWO TV recording of a live lecture by Dr Jonathan Reed and Robert Raith at Felixtowe, Suffolk on the 20th of September 2014. This was a private event held just before the main Rendlesham Forest Incident Conference 2014.

    Have you heard Dr. Jonathan Reed’s story of how he found a live extraterrestrial?

    Dr. Reed was employed in a major university as a developmental psychologist working with children. He had a great job which he loved, he was well-respected by his peers, he had a great personal life, he had a large bank account – he was living the American dream. He didn’t believe in UFOs or extraterrestrials – he had never seen any, and he had the standard skepticism towards these matters shared by most educated Americans. Then one day, while walking his dog in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, he had a life-changing experience.

    While with his dog, his dog bolted through the brush. She started barking viciously and he ran after her. He came over a ridge only to observe his dog being killed by an extraterrestrial. He struck the ET with a branch, which apparently killed it. Although having become severely ill, Dr. Reed videoed and photographed the ET, which he then wrapped up and took back to his home.

    While he was trying to find out what to do, his situation was discovered by people which we can only describe as “black ops.” They approached him, and told him to turn over everything he had to them. When he refused, they told him that the next group who contacted him would not be so kind.

    As predicted, black ops came to his home and removed everything he had – including all his school, professional, and most of his personal records. They thoroughly trashed his home.

    They then expunged all of his employment records, all of his educational records, his bank account was eliminated (with all of the money in his account – approximately $83,000), even his Social Security number was erased. The objectives: destroy Dr. Reed’s credibility; destroy his economic ability; destroy his will to live.

    Here we have two testimonies: the first from his former bank manager, who describes how, at a meeting, she was told by the bank president that Dr. Reed did not exist, that he was never a bank client, and that if she did not cooperate with this story, she would lose her job and she would never work in banking again. The second interview is with a nurse who worked with Dr. Reed for 5 years. She also tells how a meeting was called by the head of the Psychology Department where all staff were told that Dr. Reed no longer existed, and that anyone who valued their job and career would cooperate in maintaining this story.

    What power these “black ops” have, what influence they are able to exercise, what nefarious effects their actions have on individuals – this is for you to judge.

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